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 UPVC Cleaning:

Even though UPVC has been marketed as maintenance free, it does need cleaning. The weather, road traffic and blocked gutters are just some of the reasons your UPVC can become unsightly. We can provide full UPVC cleaning which can include gutters, facia, soffits, apex, cladding and downpipes to restore that new look to your home.


We are very confident that with our cleaning methods and dedication to detail, you will be surprised at the results. 


With the configuration and style of today's modern conservatory, the majority have become very difficult to clean and maintain properly. Dirty conservatories can cause a loss of light into the room. Apex UPVC Cleaning operatives have, however, the expertise, training and equipment to safely and effectively valet conservatories both internally and externally, removing the build up of mildew, mould, drip marks, moss and bird droppings restoring glass and UPVC back to that 'just new' look.


Gutters are an important part of your home's weatherproofing system. It is important to maintain a free-flowing gutter system to prevent rain from running from your roof and falling too close to your house. Clogged guttering caused by leaves, moss, twigs etc can cause water to overflow down the building which over time can cause damp.

We offer a comprehensive gutter clearing and cleaning service.


Services also include: fascias and soffits cleaning, exterior painting of fascias and soffits - with the ability to carry out repairs if necessary.


Solar Panel Cleaning:

Why have your solar panels cleaned?

  1. Solar panels are NOT self cleaning. Dirt and soil reduce solar absorption. Wind and rain continually deposit dirt, dust and soot particles onto the panels.
  2. Soiled solar panels are slower to switch on, with delayed absorption and lower efficiency.
  3. Cleaning of the panels increases the operating time of the solar panel system.
  4. Clean solar panels can provide up to 30% more solar yield.
  5. Regular cleaning can maintain the value of your system.






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